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Annals of the Keepers:

Book Two
The Gashnee Saga

Book 2 in the Annals of the Keepers sci-fi series... After the retaking of Earth and the Sol System by the Ordinance Forces, Commander Shenta Parejas holds Humanity’s future together while opposing forces look to tear mankind apart.

The Kryth Mahr Domain has not forgotten about the demeaning loss to their reborn adversary, Humans. Lintorth Sol will stop at nothing to gain all knowledge about this race that brought disgrace upon his beloved empire and his honored family name.

The Reavers must recover from a lost mission and heavy casualties. Kason Bender faces trial for his actions at the conference which led to the death of his dear friend and mentor, Keeper Alon Renske. One dust, one star. The mysterious Gashnee prophecies have linked both Human and Kryth alike to each other’s past. They will hunt for the Gashnee’s secrets, which will not only bring them into battle; but, may very well drag the whole galaxy into war. Soon, their pasts will collide with devastating consequences.

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Kindle & Paperback


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