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Annals of the Keepers:
War 267

Book One
The Gashnee Saga

Book 1 of the Annals of the Keepers sci-fi series: "What if humankind returned as invaders to earth after a 267 year absence?" ​A riveting story of a galactic struggle that will seed or destroy mankind's existence as a race.

Forging a new military machine known as the Ordinance, humans filled their ranks with warriors that would strike fear into the core of all adversaries. They called them Reavers (Think Predator, Mandalorians with Batman's gadgets). And now, in the post expulsion year 267 PE, the ancestral year 2765 AD, it comes to pass that a Reaver-soldier meets Kryth-conqueror. Powerful will be the Retribution and vengeance will rule the day.-Alon Renske, Keeper (267)

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Kindle & Paperback


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