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Book One - War 267

Book 1 Cover Redo.jpg


Book 1 Cover Redo.jpg

Annals of the Keepers: War 267: Book 1 in the Gashnee Saga

Book 1 of the Annals of the Keepers sci-fi series: "What if humankind returned as invaders to earth after a 267 year absence?" A riveting story of a galactic struggle that will seed or destroy mankind's existence as a race.

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Annals of the Keepers: Deception: Book 2 in the Gashnee Saga

After the retaking of Earth and the Sol System by the Ordinance Forces, Commander Shenta Parejas holds Humanity’s future together while opposing forces look to tear mankind apart.

Book 3 Cover.PNG

Annals of the Keepers: Rage: Book 3 in the Gashnee Saga

Following the surprising return of a long forgotten captain and his ship, Shenta Parejas and the Ordinance are confronted with a daunting, and uncertain turn in an already dangerous prophecy of a malicious alien race known as the Gashnee.

Book 4 Final.JPG

Annals of the Keepers: Conviction: Book 4 in the Gashnee Saga

New Book Coming Soon!

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The Gashnee Saga Series

An Epic Sci-Fi Adventure Begins

Forging a new military machine known as the Ordinance, the humans filled its ranks with warriors that would strike fear into the core of all adversaries. They called them Reavers (Predator meets Mandalorian with Batman's gadgets).

And now, in the post expulsion year 267 PE, the ancestral year AD 2765, it comes to pass when Reaver-soldier meets Kryth-conqueror.

Powerful will be the retribution, and vengeance will rule the day. - Alon Renske, Keeper (267)

The Annals begin....

Kindle Review

“Very good start to a series! Lintorth Sol is my favorite character, he is an intelligent and likable enemy to all of humanity! It lays the foundations for a very unique view of the future and opens up multiple possibilities for the future novels in this series."

4 out of 5 Stars

"Well written beginning of a series. Enjoyed entirely from start to end. A nice twist from the typical space battles. Not the usual atypical special ops type soldiers. A good read for any sci-fi fan The choice is yours, but I recommend it."

Audible Review, A. Goens

"Looking forward to the next book on Audible, hopefully soon?. The performer is really good and if we as humans EVER get the military tech that is described, god help all non-humans. It was good listen, enjoyed it."


Christiaan C. Hile
(A.K.A. Chile)

Creator of AOTK, Christiaan C. Hile, lives in Southern California where he pursues his interests in writing, reading, and spending time with his twin daughters. Christiaan served in the U.S. Army and then began his career in the video game industry writing game design documents. This is where the idea for Annals of the Keepers came from; for the love of creating worlds and the characters that live in them.

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Benjamin J. Halkett
(A.K.A. Ben)

Co-Writer Benjamin J. Halkett lives in the mountains of North Carolina where he pursues his interests in history, medieval reenactment and woodworking. This is his first writing collaboration in science fiction.

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