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"What if humankind returned as invaders to earth after a 267 year absence?"

​A riveting story of a galactic struggle that will seed or destroy mankind's existence as a race.


Christiaan C. Hile lives in Southern California where he pursues his interests in writing, reading, and watching his twin daughters softball games. Christiaan served with Ben in the U.S. Army until 1994 where he began his career in the video game industry writing game design documents. This is where the idea for Annals of the Keepers came from; for the love of creating worlds and the characters that live in them.

Benjamin J. Halkett lives in the mountains of North Carolina where he pursues his interests in history, medieval reenactment and woodworking. This is his first writing collaboration in science fiction.


Performed by River Vitae


A well presented science - fiction tale of imagination, excitement and adventure. Please continue the series!

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Artwork by Jeff Jumper


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